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Nate’s Leather Chicago Style Police Jackets – Built to Last

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Why Buy Leather?

Water resistant
Our tests show that Nate’s Leather Jackets will repel water for up to two hours before becoming saturated.

Fire resistant
Leather will resist burning which provides critical protection in case of explosion, vehicle accident or other emergency.

Abrasion Resistant
Tests by the U.S. DOT National Safety Administration involving officers falling have shown leather to be more abrasion resistant than any other known clothing material, including Kevlar.

Long Lasting
The random nature of leather fibers gives them an inherent strength that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.

Leather pores contract in cold wind, providing an effective barrier to inclement weather while holding in body heat.

Mike Collins on 03-16-2022 02:47 PM
Josh @ Nate’s leather is great! He measured me and made for me a custom fit Police leather jacket! The jacket is awesome, it fits great, looks and feels awesome! It is not cheap, very thick nice grade of leather! Should last 20-30 years! I get lots of compliments on the jacket all the time, I highly recommend Nate’s Leather and their custom made police jackets; you will not be disappointed!
Robert Crudele on 03-16-2022 02:51 PM
I called Nates and I spoke to Josh. He said he could make me the jacket I wanted I just needed to give him the details and my measurements over the phone. A month later Josh called me with some questions and said my jacket would be shipped in a few days. Well I received my jacket and it far surpassed any and all my expectations. This is by far the most superior leather jacket I have ever seen. It's thick and sturdy and warm but flexible and lighter than other police leathers. The inside is awesome pockets and lining it has it all. It's so comfortable and it looks great. I can wear it with no performance issues. If you wear leather or are allowed to wear leather at your department I highly recommend calling Nates Leather. Ask for Josh he's the man. He will make the jacket exactly the way you want it, and the price is right. You get what you pay for and it will last forever. Very warm but breaths great . Awesome for the fall and winter. I work for the Harrison Police Department in NJ.
Dawid Bonarek on 03-16-2022 02:51 PM
Went into Nate's looking for a leather jacket for work. I was amazed at the quality of their custom work, when they pulled out a vintage jacket from the back that was the perfect size, I fell in love. The jacket fit like a glove, they customized it with my department patches and buttons, and I went home with a piece of history. Can't wait to wear the jacket for many years to come! Highly recommend.
Thank you!
Franc Prez on 03-16-2022 02:51 PM
Love my new Leather from Nate's! So happy to do business with a company that understands LE needs! A lifelong customer going forward!
George Lillig on 03-16-2022 02:52 PM
I brought my Dad's police jackets to Nate's to be fixed. One is 30 and one is 50 years old. Below are 2 before pictures and 2 after pictures of the jackets! Great job putting in new liners, new buttons, fixing collars and sleeves. Thank you for your expertise Josh! I knew these priceless antiques were in good hands from the moment I brought them to the store. I am very pleased. I would highly recommend Nate's to everyone!
Marcus Davis on 03-16-2022 02:54 PM
Just got back my custom made CPD Mounted Unit leather jacket, and I'm very pleased with the finished product. It's tailored to me perfect. The customer service was great as well. Can't wait to do more business with you guys. Awesome job!
Ronald Guerrero on 03-16-2022 02:55 PM
I ordered a jacket from Nate's and received it. Just want to say it came out great. I would recommend Nate's to any one needing uniforms. I would also like to thank the person that helped me out. His name is Josh and I would recommend anyone to see Josh. Thank you.
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