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Nate’s Leather Classic Leather Civilian Jackets – Built to Last

Price: $899.95

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Why Buy Leather?

Water resistant
Our tests show that Nate’s Leather Jackets will repel water for up to two hours before becoming saturated.

Fire resistant
Leather will resist burning which provides critical protection in case of explosion, vehicle accident or other emergency.

Abrasion Resistant
Tests by the U.S. DOT National Safety Administration involving officers falling have shown leather to be more abrasion resistant than any other known clothing material, including Kevlar.

Long Lasting
The random nature of leather fibers gives them an inherent strength that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.

Leather pores contract in cold wind, providing an effective barrier to inclement weather while holding in body heat.


Disclaimer: This Leather Police Jacket is for entertainment purposes only and in no ways implies representation of the wearer with the Chicago Police Department.

Frank Moschetto on 01-22-2021 10:54 AM
Its the best leather on any jacket/coat I have ever owned. I really like it alot. The only issue I have is I thought it would be a little longer, like to cover my pants belt area.
Max Ostrowski on 03-16-2022 02:53 PM
I highly recommend Nate's Leather for anyone looking for a vest carrier or jacket. Nate's is reasonably priced, extremely fast (much faster than any other Police store) and offers excellent customer service. Josh was fantastic to deal with and was extremely helpful!
Francesco Migliore on 03-16-2022 02:53 PM
I bought a leather jacket from Nate’s and it is the best jacket I’ve ever owned. It’s so warm I never had to zip it up, even in the harsh Chicagoland winter. I then came back and bought an armor carrier and their products are unmatched in quality. I would recommend this place to anyone.
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