Leather Police Jacket

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Nate’s Leather – Leather Police Jacket

This is a description of what the police jacket is.

Why Buy Leather?

Water resistant
Our tests show that Nate’s Leather Jackets will repel water for up to two hours before becoming saturated.
Fire resistant
Leather will resist burning which provides critical protection in case of explosion, vehicle accident or other emergency.
Abrasion Resistant
Tests by the U.S. Dot national safety administration involving officers falling have shown leather to be more abrasion resistant than any other known clothing material, including kevlar.
Long Lasting
The random nature of leather fibers gives them an inherent strength that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory.
Leather pores contract in cold wind, providing an effective barrier to inclement weather while holding in body heat.

How to Order

These Leather Police Jackets can be ordered either over the phone or from our location in Wisconsin Dells. If you are interested in coming in for a fitting, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our address is 3331 Hwy 13 in Wisconsin Dells, WI. If you would like to order over the phone or schedule an appointment, our phone number is (608) 678-8102.


I’ve had my leather for 20 Plus years. It’s a Nate’s Original! -chicop I have bought two leather jackets from Nate’s and they are the best, they are well made, heavy duty and they look great. -Ted Schneider