Bullet Proof Jacket

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Nate’s Leather – Make Your Jacket Bullet Proof

At Nate’s Leather we can take any existing jacket or vest you own and make it bullet proof.

In this day and age, you want to be ready for anything. We can take your jacket, vest, or any outerwear you have and incorporate Kevlar panels and plate pockets. You can decide if you would prefer level II or level IIIA panels. Keep yourself safe while maintaining your personal style!

  • Biker Jacket

    The abrasive properties of Kevlar can help protect your skin from road rash in the case of an accident. Extra protection can be added to the shoulders, elbows, or anywhere on the jacket that will prevent injury in a crash.

  • Blazer or Suit Vest

    We can enhance your formal wear with the same protective properties of any bullet proof vest. Look your best, while staying protected! Bring in your best suit or waistcoat, we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Extreme World Traveler

    We can help protect you from unexpected attacks. Stay safe in unknown places without looking like you are wearing a bullet proof jacket or vest. Maintain the versatility of your travel vest while staying safe.

  • Winter or Denim Jacket, Leather Vest, or any Outerwear you own

    When we say we can make it bullet resistant, we will make it bullet resistant. Any style, any material, any outerwear, we will help keep you safe.

Give us a call today to discuss options – (608) 678-8102. Stay safe out there.