About Us

Nate’s Leather Co. Inc. was founded in 1958 by Nate Chernoff. The company specialized in the manufacturer and sale of civilian leather clothing until 1968, when the company began manufacturing the Chicago Police Jacket. Today, Nate’s Leather is the premier provider of leather police clothing to the Chicago Police Department as well as Law Enforcement and Correction Agencies nationwide.

The primary goal of Nate’s is to provide for all UNIFORM needs of any law enforcement agency, from Jackets to bullet proof vest. This level of service and convenience is currently not available to law enforcement agencies/employees/officers and they must frequently deal with multiple vendors in order to obtain the tools of their trade.

Our current capabilities include everything but firearms. We do our tailoring on-site as well as our own manufacturing of many of our products. We are known for our custom garments, hand crafted to fit each individual client.

Our attention to detail sets us apart from other leather manufacturers. We keep track of quality workmanship, and know exactly what to accept and what to reject. Nothing goes out of the shop, without the manager’s express approval. At Nate’s, we take pride in our workmanship.

It is not uncommon for our Jackets to last for 20+ years. We frequently have owners, of one of our original coats, come in and trade it for a new one, after decades of faithful service.

Nate’s leather is inviting you into our circle of satisfied clients. Give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.


Josh Chernoff